From left to right: Hans, Lenny, Alanya, Monique, Max en Oscar

The Los Cachorros Foundation is led by an unpaid board in the Netherlands that is responsible for (control of) the substantive and financial policy, the recruitment of funds and volunteers, information and publicity. Furthermore, volunteers in the Netherlands and Peru are committed to the foundation.

Board members

Lenny van den Brink, Chairman

I became involved in this special work because our youngest daughter worked as a volunteer at Los Cachorros. We visited her there and I was very impressed by the great commitment of everyone. It is more than receiving and offering a place to sleep. The mostly addicted children are literally taken out of the gutter and given the opportunity to give their lives a different direction.

We went back a few times in Ayacucho and I saw again and again what Los Cachorros means to the children. And for their parents, because structural attention is also paid to the home situation. Los Cachorros does a lot of information and prevention. It is hard work to give the children a new future and to keep the finances together. From my work and other volunteer work I have experience with fundraising, with organization and with leadership. That is why I like to support the work of Alanya in Peru from the Netherlands. So that we all live up to the motto of Los Cachorros: A home for street children.

Monique Sonnevelt, Penningmeester

I am Monique Sonnevelt and I live with my husband Jeroen and two cats in Utrecht. During my study Cultural Anthropology I became interested in Latin America and I was allowed to do field research there a number of times.

In the meantime I have a job as a test manager at a bank. I felt the need to pick up something in which my affinity with Latin America comes back. As treasurer at Los Cachorros I can certainly contribute my expertise.

Hans van Kesteren, Board Member Fundraising

I am married, retired and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I am a member of the board on behalf of the Van Kesteren Foundation and I try to collect as much money as possible for the important work of Alanya in Ayacucho.

The Van Kesteren Foundation was founded in Switzerland and supports good causes in small-scale projects in the Third World, including in Malawi, Honduras, Burkina Faso, Brazil and Peru. This with due regard for the Millennium Goals, aimed as much as possible at orphans and street children. The foundation focuses on good causes that do not charge any costs of acquisition from fundraising and that guarantee continuity for the specially selected projects.
The Foundation wants to achieve that a multi-year contract is concluded with the selected projects and that there is such a contact that there is an emotional bond. We want to do everything that is reasonably within our power to offer these children future prospects by achieving the greatest possible form of independence and independence.

Max Mesman, Board member Communication and PR

I am 60 years old, married and father of two sons. In daily life I work as an independent coach, communication consultant and trainer. I have been in South America once a month, but not yet in Peru.

Something to do about the problems that cause poverty and poverty itself is an important objective. Especially when growing children are the victim of it. Every human life is valuable. I wholeheartedly support every little bit that we can help to offer young people opportunities to build a better life. Los Cachorros does a very good job in Peru and the volunteers dedicate themselves with heart and soul for the children.

Oscar Kolenberg, Board Member Voluntary work

I am 24 years old and I live in Nijmegen. Here I finish my study Social Work and Services. As part of this study, I worked for ten months at Los Cachorros in Ayacucho.

Back in the Netherlands, I wanted to use my affection for Los Cachorros and my admiration for Alanya’s work for Los Cachorros in the Netherlands. When the position of volunteer coordinator became available on the board, this seemed to me the perfect interpretation for my urge to remain active for the organization.

As a former trainee I know a lot about the ins and outs of the work of Los Cachorros. I use this knowledge when recruiting new volunteers and for the decisions taken on the board. The children and staff of Los Cachorros are always central to me.

Dianne IJdo, Secretary of the Board


Samira, Board Member Events